“Je voudrais pas crever
Avant d’avoir connu
Les chiens noirs du Mexique
Qui dorment sans rêver”

Boris Vian


Hey, I’m Chloé. I’m an artist, a card reader and a traveler. I’m originally from France and I’ve spent the last few years living in South America, mostly on the Brazilian coast. I left a fancy Parisian art school to live my dream of slowly traveling the whole world. Along the way I stumbled upon the sacred arts of tattoos and tarot cards, and marveled at how gracefully they blended together. I lost forever any belief in coincidences, and have been working with rituals for tattoos and readings ever since, drawing inspiration from local nature and folklore. I am now traveling around Europe as part of the Coral Collective.

This is my personal blog, a place to share thoughts,  photos of my latest artwork, and updates on life on and off the road.

This blog was born in 2012, to keep my family updated with regular signs of life while i hitchhiked on the other side of the world with no plan, no job, no phone.

Many, many kilometres later (3000 by hitchhiking), I’ve traveled through five countries in South America, watched newborn monkeys in my garden and petrol contraband in the desert. I’ve lived in the jungle and on the beach, learned to speak a fifth language and some useful skills with a machete, a tattoo machine and a camera.

Why am i traveling?

One day, at a party, i met a lovely middle-aged spanish man in a curly blond wig. he said :

“I’ve been traveling for the last 20 years.”

I’d never met an in-the-flesh full-time world-traveler before. didn’t know they existed for real.

Yet there he was: penniless, planless, and endlessly smiling.

That sentence changed my life. Who knows, it might also change yours.